Friday, September 14, 2012

Adrift - Elizabeth A. Reeves

Adrift - Elizabeth A. Reeves
  What Can I say about Adrift. I'm torn between 3.5 and 4 hearts. Simply because I thought it was kinda abrupt. I fell in love with the main characters very easily, and was intrigued by the odd romance. I like how Elizabeth Reeves depicted the scenery, and how it had that old time feel to it. Definitely a breath of fresh air, from my normal reads. I'm so glad that I won this on goodreads! I might have never picked up such a gem, otherwise.
     What do you do when you have nowhere to go? You get in your car and drive to Trinity, Newfoundland. At least that's what Meg did. After her father died, she lost everything. Meg lost her home, the last of her family, and everything she has ever known. The only thing she has left is her Car and just a little cash. So she sets off driving, wondering where the road will take her.

     Not knowing why, she was compelled to Trinity. She thought it might be its amazing beauty, or just the fact that she's never even seen the ocean before. Somehow... she feels drawn to the water, like its calling her to it. After arriving in trinity, Meg wakes up in an old cottage. Wondering how she gets there, she sees a little girl. Then she hears whistling. As she assesses her surroundings everything she sees fades away, to a dull old run down cottage. She stumbles outside to meet Devin and his dog.
Devin "rescues" Meg from the island with the cottage. She thinks she sees a budding romance with Devin, but she's not sure... because he's almost just plain rude. Then he drops a whammy on her. Everything she thought she knew... Her life as it exists, is being turned upside down. With the possibility of a family she never thought she had, Meg and Devin take you on a journey of passion, disgust, faerie tales, and discovery all within the realm of "What could be".

 -Beth [Vixen2]

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