Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tiger's Destiny - Colleen Houck

Tiger's Destiny - Colleen Houck
      There is nothing that I can say about this book that wouldn't be a spoiler. That being said... I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't yet read this book. Tigers Destiny deserves nothing less than 5 stars, in my opinion. Colleen Houck really pulled out all the stops in this installment. I can say, without a doubt this book made me Laugh, Cry, Smile and Yell.

     With that being said, I feel like I waited EONS for this installment of the Tiger's Saga to come out! Colleen Houck; You have SUCH a way with words. You captivated me from the first chapter of Tiger's Curse. I have been in love with both Kishan and Ren. I love them both, in equally different ways. I've experienced heartache, glee, frustration, anger, jealously and love... with this story. Waiting for Tiger's Dream is going to be yet another year of torture.

     Kelsey, Kishan, and Ren prepare for their final quest to free them of the the two Indian Prince's Tiger's Curse. On their quest they must learn to look inside themselves for the answers to their fate, for they have been there all along. Evil, grief, pain, love, denial, and acceptance are just some of the things that Kelsey and the tigers are to endure and battle. Love will always prevail...

-Beth [Vixen2]

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  1. Awesome review! I really want to start this series soon :) I've heard such good things about it.