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Libera Me by Christine Fonseca

Libera Me (Requiem, #2)Title: Libera Me
Author: Christine Fonseca
Pages: 278
Rating: 4 out of 5
From Goodreads:
What happens when everything you’ve sacrificed for is lost?
Aydan thought Nesy’s death would be the end of him, until he meets Nessa and his hope is restored. Could she be Nesy reborn? He is certain she must be. That is, until her lack of memories and incessant nightmares begin to erode his faith.

Zane is used to trusting his mind, his wisdom and his angelic senses. But these attributes are no help with Nessa. He has no way to be certain of her identity, no way to know the truth. That is, unless he listens to the one thing he has refused to acknowledge throughout his existence - his feelings for Nesy.

Blind to both angel and demon, Aydan and Zane must figure out the truth behind Nesy's identity before all is lost, Azza discovers the truth and the Beast is again unleashed.

The lines between good and evil have never been so blurred.


A huge thank you to Christine for giving me a copy of Libera Me for an honest review. This hasn't influenced my review in any way.

WARNING: Mild spoilers for those who have not read Lacrimosa.

Christine Fonseca is a master of words. I feel like a broken record, but I can't say this enough. She truly has a way of creating a scene and making you feel like you are right there with the characters, feeling their feelings and fighting their battles. Her stories truly come alive. It's going to be hard to write a review without giving away anything, but I will do my best.

“But there is nothing, no trace that she’s ever existed. She is not here. She will never be here again.
Because of me.”

I loved Zane and Aydan's POV. It really allowed me to see the similarities and differences between them. What Zane wants most is for Nessa to have her memories of Nesy back. Aydan wants Nessa to know he loves her, even without her memories. Both are blinded to the world they have always been able to see, fighting for Nesy's love and memories.

Nessa, who may or may not be Nesy, is desperate to remember her past. But the fear of what she might remember is eating her up. She is plagued with terrible nightmares and uncertainty. She is completely lost in her own mind and only Aydan can comfort her. But there's something else fighting for her too, something that might ruin them all.

I loved getting closer to Zane, though I knew my heart was going to break for him. Zane was willing to, and pretty much has, sacrifice everything for Nesy. I hated some of the risks he took, but love tends to cause recklessness.

Even though my love for Zane grew, I still loved Aydan. He's still stuck in an internal battle with good and evil, but he's not willing to give in to the temptation of the evil. I love the fight in Aydan. He never gave up on Nesy, and he will put everything on the line for her.

I was definitely suspicious of Caim, there was just something about him I didn't trust or like. I liked Cass in Lacrimosa, but I didn't really have those same feelings for her this time around. I knew she was trying to be the voice of reason, and at time I felt bad for her, but I can't help but to side with Zane on almost everything.

I missed the action that Lacrimosa had, but it didn't really bother me because everything else was great. And I'm thinking that Dominus is going to have a crazy amount of action with the war that's brewing. I can't wait to see what happens when good and evil meet and the Beast is unleashed.

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