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Winter Longing - Tricia Mills [Review AND Giveaway!]

Review AND Giveaway!!!
In honor of Winter time coming soon, I decided to give away  
2 copies of Winter Longing! 
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Winter Longing - Tricia Mills

Winter Longing by Tricia Mills

I LOVE this quote! [There is sooo many good ones in this novel!]
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."

-  Ingrid Bergman

Winter Longing is not my normal read. I was drawn to this book by the cover, and I'm glad I was. This story took me on an emotional roller coaster. Heart wrenching... and beautiful moments of happiness, combined with humor that will make you laugh, cry, and smile.

Winter suffers a horrible loss as she deals with the tragic death of her first love Spencer, her long time friend and recently turned boyfriend. The day after revealing their true feelings for each other Spencer is killed in a plane accident. Losing your boyfriend is hard, but losing your best friend for 10years? Double ouch. Winter is left trying to put the pieces of herself and her life back together. As you live through Winter's guilt about Spencer, and her grief over his death, you get a real feeling of what it's like to lose someone [if you haven't before]. This book made me cry numerous times because you can really relate to her. At times, yes.. I thought she was being selfish and whiny, but everyone deals with grief differently. Luckily she has her best friend Lindsey and her neighbor Jesse. Did I mention Jesse is.. amazing?! Well, as he may not be Spencer.. he is certainly someone special. Winter feels guilty about her feelings for Jesse and she must come to terms with the fact that her life must continue despite her tragic loss as well as overcoming her fears about love, and starting a new post-Spencer life.

I seriously loved all of the characters in this book. I mean you have your everyday normal high school people, your Jocks, Queen bee, and not so "popular" groups. Jesse.. my god. He will be forever one of my all time favorite book boyfriends. Just when Winter thought she had him pegged, HAH! Wrong. Her friend Lindsey is always there for her, even though she has her own tragedies to deal with in her own life. I laughed, cried, sympathized and loved right along with Winter. Tricia did a great job with keeping the characters true to life. This is a book that will keep a knot in your chest from the beginning to the end. I'm telling you... keep a box of tissues handy cause this is definitely beautiful and heart wrenching.

-Beth [Vixen 2]

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  1. This looks like it tugs on the heartstrings.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for sharing.

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  2. Oh it did! I think I was about on the 2nd chapter and the tears started flowing! -beth