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Edgewood - Karen Mcquestion

Edgewood - Karen Mcquestion

First off, I won this as a Goodreads first readers giveaway! (Woot Woot!!) I just to throw that out there. If I hadn't won this book, I definitely would have bought it anyway. Karen McQuestion delivered a compelling novel with a lot of promise.

Edgewood is the first in the series. Russ Becker, the 15yo narrator tells you the quests and phenomenons that happen in his life. Russ can't sleep. He's found only one solution to helping him get at least a little sleep, and it wasn't that shrink his parents sent him to... either. Russ started walking, what he didn't realize at first, is that he would walk the same route... every time. Until one night when he see's the most beautiful sight in the sky. Compelled to see what it was, and where it was. The light show had drawn Russ in, and he marveled in it. Little did Russ know, He wasn't the only one who has seen these lights. Mallory, a student who goes to his school, also so the lights... last year. Mallory invites him to a secret superpower group, which has 2 other members... Nadia and Justin. The 4 teenagers are put in several different situations in which they must use their special powers.

I liked this novel for several reasons. Karen wrote an amazing 1st person narrative through Russ. I mean, EVERYTHING he said sounded as if a 15yo boy was really saying it, context and all. I devoured this book quite quickly, as I was drawn in... not knowing what was coming next. I was fully immersed into Russ Beckers life. I had sneaking suspicions about Carly (Russ' sister) the entire book. However I can't reveal why. Nor did the author! I'm still suspecting though... Karen you're killing me here! I don't want to wait to find out if i'm right or wrong. In either case, this was a great book. I can't wait for the next in the series, and I hope Russ continues on his journey to greatness!
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