Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Book of Paul - Richard Long

     The Book of Paul - Richard Long
♥♥♥♥ ½

     Let me first start out by saying, Richard Long is an exceptional writer. Someone who can so accurately combine History, Mythology, Religion, Terror, Lust, and Laughs all in ONE book? All I can say is Wow. The Book of Paul had me entranced from the beginning to the end. Richard makes you love certain characters.. and have pure hatred for others, but still leaves you thirsty for more. I won this book on Goodreads, and damn it I can't be more happy that I did!!! Not only did Mr. Long sign the book and personalize it for me, he sent me a few bookmarks and postcards that were also signed. Can we say AWESOME?

     Through out the entire novel, Paul has you guessing on just what he's going to do next. Transitioning beautifully from each characters point of view, you get an in depth look into the lives of all the character. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of Religion being in books, but I was so preoccupied with everything else going on, that it just didn't bother me. While there was always something going on... I never felt overwhelmed by information. I learned some new things, as well!

     The Book of Paul has you oohing and screaming out for joy, frustration, and sheer horror. I'm pretty sure I've never been SO conflicted on a character, as much as I was with Paul. I loved Martin, I loved Rose, I wasn't fond of William... or the Striker. But Paul? How can you hate someone so definitively but have an earnest fondness at the same time. I don't know the answer.. but that's how I feel. I want to say I love to hate him, but at times... I just don't hate him. Psychologically, this book will take you on a roller coaster of epic proportions. I certainly can NOT wait until Long releases his new YA fantasy series, The dream Palace.

-Beth [Vixen 2]

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