Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Finding Never - C.M. Stunich

Finding Never - C.M. Stunich
Finding Never (Never Say Never, #2)

First of all... DAMN YOU C.M Stunich!!! WHAT a way to finish a book. I hate cliffhangers. Ok ok, I love them AND I loathe them. I love them, because they're always an amazing ending. I loathe cliffhangers for the obvious reasons. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!? We all know that we want to know RIGHT MEOW. But alas, we have to wait... Finding Never doesn't exactly have a cliffhanger ending, but SO much is left unsaid. Not ot mention the extreme *SQUEE* moment at the very end. Two huge unravelings, left me cursing and anxious for the next and last installment of the trilogy, Keeping Never.

Finding Never is a reunion long overdue with her family and a first love. After the first installment in the trilogy, Never continues her journey to face her demons. Never has a tough journey ahead of her, but is accompanied by the infamous Ty McCabe.

In Tasting Never you get to learn about Never's troubled past and the reason why she is who and what she is. Finding Never not only follows up in Never's story, but gives you a look into Ty's story. Beautifully damaged Ty. Although the journey is still Never's to take... Ty brings such a wonderful addition to the story.

I COMPLETELY devoured this book. I read about 75% of it in one sitting. I would have read the book in its entirety but I fell asleep with my kindle on my chest and a dog covering my legs. [This is how I woke up, too. Except the hubby was now next to me, as well.] I. Can. Not. Wait. for Keeping Never. C.M. Stunich, you've captivated my heart, with this story. I'm speechless, but have an abundant amount of questions that need answering! Keeping Never's release date isn't soon enough. I WANT IT MEOOOOOOOW! 


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