Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Keeping Never - C.M. Stunich

Keeping Never - C.M. Stunich

Tasting Never

Keeping Never is the 3rd book in the trilogy "Never Say Never". What a great trilogy it was, at that. In the first Novel, you hear about Never's back story. In the second novel, you get more insight into Never, and you start hearing about Ty's back story. In this novel, you get FULL disclosure on Ty's past. 

First off, I love Ty and Never. They're so blunt, honest and beautifully broken. Being broken only means you need to be fixed. Ty is the glue that holds Never together and Never is the heart in Ty's soul. I'm seriously addicted to the tortured couple scene. 

I was in love with Ty McCabe before, but now? Now I'm head over heals infatuated with him. If he was a real person, I mean straight stalker status. I know I've said this time and time again... but Ty will go down in my TOP 5 Best Book Boyfriends EVER. And by ever, I mean I'm pretty sure he'll ever be replaced by anyone. Ty is so many things. He is tortured, Obnoxious, Unfiltered, but he is also passionate, caring, understanding and loving. 

Never is just her usual basket case of messed up. Ty holds her together, keeps her strong.  As she is battling harder than ever with inner thoughts, Ty is working harder than ever to keep her safe. Just to plain old keep her. In this novel, Never is going to face the ghosts of her past. Nothing could be harder than facing everything that ruined you. 

If you haven't started this series yet, I strongly recommend that you do. I won't promise you'll love it, because everyone has different taste. However, This series is amazing.  Definitely worth looking into. 

C.M Stunich You are beautiful and amazing. Don't ever change! Oh, and I love your filthy mouth! Your writing is out of this world and should never be under-rated. The Tasting Never series was simply flawless. You've made this series come full circle. I can't wait to read your other novels, especially your new one, [Paint Me Beautiful]

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