Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Advantage Erin - Kris Kreisman

  Advantage Erin - Kris Kreisman


Advantage Erin

        I'm gonna start by saying I loved this book. I'm usually a paranormal reader, but I really wanted to try something different!I think that Advantage Erin is a great story for any teenager who has trouble relating to their parents. Erin and her mom have a tough relationship. All her mom wants is what's best for her, but that's not how Erin sees it. Erin thinks that her mom is overbearing and has pushed her far too hard for "perfection". When it comes to sports, Parents tend to be maybe a little harsh on their children to be the best they can be. I know, I've seen this come full circle. When I was a kid, my dad was my soccer coach, and my goodness did he annoy me sometimes. I felt like I never got a break from practice. Well... Having a son, I know first hand what it's like to want the best of everything for your child. So I can understand both sides to this story.

       Erin and her mom can't seem to come to any sort of equal grounds, especially when it comes to Tennis. When her best friend and her get invited by THE hottest guy in school, to a movie... there's nothing she wants more. Starting spring break by taking a visit to her Grandmothers, Erin has a huge surprise in store for her. Erin and her grandmother take a trip to the high school that her mom went to when she was a kid. Erin is thrown in the past, to when her mother went to school. She searches out her mother while in the past and challenges her to the tennis match of their lives.

     Advantage Erin is extraordinary and well versed. The characters are loveable and easy to relate to. The ending of this story leaves you wondering what comes next. A little irony thrown in the mix gives the ending a kind of twist that will put a smile on your face. Life always comes full circle, and that message is very well played out through this novel. 

-beth [Vixen 2]

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