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Stolen Night - Rebecca Maizel

Stolen Night - Rebecca Maizel
Stolen Night by Rebecca Maizel

5 big pounding hearts
      Wow.Wow. Wow. Can I just say that I've been officially SHOCKED. First off. Hats off to Rebecca Maizel, for yet another astonishing novel. I was absolutely in love with Infinite Days, the first in the series. So, I could NOT wait to read this book. Even though it was released in the UK before US,(Jan. 29, 2013)I got super lucky that Rebecca is a complete saint. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy earlier than US release.

      Stolen Night is a heart-breaking and intense story that will amaze, bewilder, stun, and embrace you. In the first novel I had a never ending battle between Rhode and Justin. I'm here to tell you, it has continued. Until the very end... How would you handle being irrevocably in love with someone you know is your soulmate, but you'll never be able to actually be with said person!? that? I'm pretty sure I'd act the same as Lenah. *sigh*

     My heart broke my so many times because of the tragic love story that is Lenah and Rhode. Rhode being more present in this novel was definitely a big bonus in my eyes. He's so alluring, distant, and mystifying. However, Tragedy unfolds itself over and over in this novel. Being indescribably torn between Rhode and Justin was heart breaking in itself. And if I'm going to be honest to myself, I've completely fallen for Vicken. I know what you're thinking.. after what he did in Infinite days, how could I like him? Hah. Just wait. You'll be saying the same thing! I adored his witty humor and well, everything about him.

I’m really shocked with how the story ends(?) but it was utterly fabulous.I'm thoroughly convinced that it's clear Rebecca has seriously poured her heart and soul into this series. Now I understand why the wait for this novel was what it was. Rebecca’s really raised the stakes for Vampire book authors, because Stolen Night was so unpredictable that you just don’t know which way the story will go. Prepare to be completely blown away. Forget what you thought you knew... You're about to take an amazing journey. If you haven't read Infinite Days, I suggest you go out and get it RIGHT MEOW! 

-beth [Vixen 2]

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  1. Wasn't it amazing? I loved this book so much. Rhode is SO epic. Love him so so much!

    Awesome review :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads