Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: Down to you - M. Leighton

WOO! this is definitely fit for ages 17+!!!!

Down to you - M. Leighton
♥♥♥ 1/2
Down to You (The Bad Boys, #1)

Every hen house needs a cock, but only the special hens can handle more than one. Try ‘em out then pick one and stick with it. You’re not old enough to play with two toys at once. That’s cougar territory.
- Ginger
.. HAHAHA! Truer advice couldn't be less warranted! I died when I read this. My husband was like "WTF is wrong with you!?" Then he looks at me and says "Oh, you and your books." *shakes head*

Well holy shit. That's how I feel about this. Very steamy. Just the idea of sexy ass twins... that BOTH want you? Lawd Jebus. I can't even deal with how hot this book was. Cash and Nash. Even the names just spell SEX. Cash is a club owner and a bad boy who drives a motorcycle, will charm your pants off (literally) and has a mega cocky smile to back it up! Nash is a law intern who drives a BMW, is seriously smart, successful, and the complete opposite of his twin. The best of both worlds? Yes... I think so. If only my name was Olivia... and I had the hearts of these two men! RAWR!

The last thing Olivia is looking for is another bad-boy. Then she meets Cash, who undeniably wants her in his bed. Like yesterday. Despite trying to resist his charms, she can’t help desperately but secretly wanting him too and damn it I can't say I blame her!!! Olivia wants them both. They both make her crazy for them, she can't keep her mind away from them and the kicker? ...they both want her just as badly, if not worse. [i'm so jealous]

Down to you was very well written and most definitely kept me on my toes. M. Leighton made the perfect combination of laughter, wanting, and emotional issues. Oh did I mention the HUGE SUPER TWIST of a lifetime in this book!? Yeah. That just happened. However, being the paranoid suspicious person that I am... I kinda saw it coming. So I wasn't exactly surprised, but I was.. at the same time.

Down to you sucked me in and kept its momentum all the way through. I’ll admit, there was a moment or two that made me get all conspiracy theory [If you know know how I am lol] and go ‘hmmmmm’, but nothing that pulled me away from the boys, I just wanted more and more.
I can't wait to read Up to Me, which... LUCKY for me JUST got released early!!! WOOOT!!! 

-beth [vixen 2]

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