Monday, January 21, 2013

Top Ten Tues: Settings I'd like to see more of

 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This week's Top Ten:
  Top Ten Settings I'd Like To See More Of

K [1]'s picks:

-Someplace snowy - 
Winter time is a great time for a great steamy romance
-Rhode Island!
 - Yes, RI is in New England, but I had to pick my home state out. Anyone who's read the Providence series by Jamie McGuire knows that it is an amazing place to set a book.

-Key West
 - This is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and I know it would make for an awesome exotic setting.

-Tattoo shop 
- Obviously the entire book can't take place there, but I would LOVE to read a book about some characters who frequent an ink shop.

 - I have an obsession with the lush green land of Ireland and I have never really read a book that takes place there.

B [2]'s picks:
*where beauty truly rests*
New England states
*home sweet home*

*simply enchating*

*I'd love to visit an island one day...*

* something OTHER than high school!*


  1. Forests and graveyards! What's not to love. Mellissa Marr's Ink Exchange has several scenes set in a tattoo parlor.

  2. I would looove to see more books set in Ireland (and Scotland) and in forests! Fabulous choices. :)

    My Top Ten

  3. Yes on the tattoo shop! And colleges. Why are there so few college books? Why????

    Here's my list

  4. You had me at Key West. I love the FLorida Keys. Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  5. Such creative settings! Tattoo shop, Key West, and someplace Snowy all sound great to me. Totally agree about the college setting...we need more of those.

  6. Tattoo shops and graveyards = YES! There is SO MUCH potential in these places!

  7. Interesting choices. "The Outside Boy" by Jeanine Cummins is set in Ireland in the 1950s and part of "The Last Little Blue Envelope" by Maureen Johnson takes place there. Of course, visiting Ireland would be better!

  8. Interesting list! I would love to see more books take place in a tattoo shop or graveyard too. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog! New follower.