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Review: To Stand Beside Her - B. Kristin McMichael

To Stand Beside Her - B. Kristin McMichael
To Stand Beside Her

I was lucky enough to receive this book for an honest review by the Author, B. Kristin McMichael. I don't think I could have loved this book any more than I did. My heart literally still hurts, from reading this. The story was brilliant and beautiful, and so amazingly well wrote. I instantly fell in love with the characters and went on an epic journey with them. I felt so emotionally vested with the characters in To Stand Beside Her.

Leila is a courier, and strives to be the best courier that she can be. Living in the North lands is great for her, no one can find her... and that's exactly how she wants it. Leila is strikingly beautiful, smart, funny, and every countries King wants her for himself. Until the day that her best friend Kay gets caught. Leila being the self sacrificing person that she is goes to rescue her best friend. While rescuing her, she gets herself caught. Freeing both Kay and herself wasn't much of an issue though, until Kay got caught again escaping from the prison. Leila then makes herself get "caught" again by the palace's gaurds. Upon reentering the palace, she meets King Nalick. Leila thinks she knows all about this King, but she could never be so wrong...

King Nalick, He has a reputation for being pretty ...mean. Leila thinks she has him pegged, until she gets to know him. In honor to free her best friend Kay, she agrees to a deal to marry King Nalick, and also agrees not to escape the kingdom. Nalick held up his end of the agreement, and then some. Nalick basically doted on Leila, making Leila [and myself] fall completely in love with him. Which is something she thought would never happen again.

Nalick will forever be one of my all time favorite book boyfriends. He was always surprising Leila with his kindness, and would go to the end of the earth to protect her. Leila will probably be one of my all time favorite Book heroines, as well.

The depth of the all characters and their interactions with eachother, blew my mind. Finishing this book was probably one of the saddest moments, but happiest moments. Bittersweet is definitely not a strong enough word for this novel. B. Kristin McMichael made me laugh, smile, cringe, and cry. Several times while reading this book I had to set it down, and take a minute to collect myself because of the potency of her words. The ending was phenomenal. Everything weaved together perfectly. Albeit I wasn't exactly happy about how it ended, it pulled the book together so fiercely and perfectly. I can't wait to read what B. Kristin publishes next. Amazing Amazing Amazing novel. A definite must read for anyone who loves strong female characters, or fantasy, or even just a love story. Once you pick this up, you'll be so grateful that you did! [Just be sure to have your tissues ready, cause this was a heartwrencher!!!]


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