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Review: Tasting Never - C.M. Stunich

This isn't that descriptive, but to be fair as a New Adult novel
 I'd say ages 17+
Tasting Never - C.M. Stunich
Tasting Never (Never Say Never, #1)

"There's a monster inside of me, eating little bits of me everyday, and I can't seem to stop it. It makes me do things I don't want to do, and say things I don't want to say."

"My anger is just a reaction to the fear I have inside of myself, a fear that somehow, one of the dozens of stupid mistakes I've made, the desperate attempts at filling that deep, aching, loneliness, will kill me. That I'll go out of this world alone and without dignity. That I'll never really understand what it means to live."

The story of Never and Ty draws you in from the beginning. Never has a heart wrenching secret that needs to be released. Bearing the burden of it tortures her EVERY day. It has turned her into someone she's not. She feels tainted. Broken. Undeserving. Alone. Scared. Ty is a force to be reckoned with. A tortured soul. They are both beautifully tortured. Finding each other was the best thing that could have happened to them.

I'll say, I was tempted to put it down after the first chapter[Super short lived feeling!], but I'm seriously glad that I didn't. This is one of those books that is unknown that needs to be known. Phenomenally written, C.M. Stunich takes you into those dark places your not always comfortable with. But guess what, they're there. They're real, and learning how to cope with feeling broken has to be the hardest thing in the world. Taking the journey through Never's damaged thoughts brings you the heartache of being betrayed, outcast, and emotionally worn down.

Never and Ty's story together is beautiful, painful, damaged, hopeful, and heartfelt beginning with friendship and healing. Affecting each other from the moment they meet. This is an extremely angtsy read. Every time I put it down, I went right back to it as soon as I could. Literally... the rest of my life got put on hold, until I finished it. I'm still in awe, and I really hope that she follows up with a second novel that includes Ty's back story. I fell in love with Ty.. from the moment he brushed Never off and stayed in love with him throughout the story. At times I was angry with Never cause I thought she was just a complete idiot for not seeing what is right in front of her! But really, Who see's whats so obviously in front of their face? No one.

Stunich gives you an emotional ride. Starting with Terror, and anger, transferring into laughter and love, making a stop for forgiveness and then coming to a rest with acceptance, hope, and trust.
Leaving you feel everything you read. The little details given and NOT overwhelming me was very much appreciated. Her writing is compelling, leaving you there long after the last page, making you want to go back, re-read and feel every emotion all over again. Sequel time!? Yes Please!! [impatiently waiting] ;)

 -beth [vixen 2]

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  1. Love the review and cannot wait to finish my current read and get on to reading Tasting Never!!