Monday, August 6, 2012

Providence - Jamie Mcguire

Providence - Jamie Mcguire
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Providence, Rhode Island. Oh how I love thee. Living in RI for 12 years now, I've become so accustomed to the eclectic ways of every day living. Providence however, has it's own air about it. If you visit Providence, you'll be enchanted by it's old world qualities. Go to Federal Hill, where the the Italian history is rich. Take a walk over near RISD, go shopping in the upper east side of Prov, on Thayer St. I must say though, if you love books... you would LOVE the Brown Bookstore. While I'm on the topic of Brown...
Nina Grey finds herself struggling with her father’s recent death, (Who wouldn't). Losing my father at the age of 20 I deeply connected with her pain, anger, and misery. She meets Jared, at the bus stop leaving from her home after her fathers funeral, to go back to Brown. Nina is awestruck by Jared, Although his stunning good looks and mysterious talents are a welcome distraction. Nina keeps meeting up with Jared by "chance" or so she thinks. She feels like she has known Jared all her life, she's comfortable with him. Unbeknownst to Nina, She has. Jared seems to know the answers before they're asked, and can always sense her feelings.
When her father’s former "associates" begin following her, and address in the dark, Nina learns that her father is not the man she thought he was. Searching for the truth behind her father’s death, Jared reveals the only secret he was ever supposed to keep, Risking everything for Nina, who he was born to protect. Nina, Jared, and his family set out on a quest to rid themselves of the demons of her fathers past.

Jamie Mcguire, you rocked my socks off with this book. Being able to picture everywhere they went, just made it so much better! It's great to see an author love Providence as much as we do in RI. I can't wait to read Requiem and Eden. Oh and I've been dying to read Beautiful Diaster, but alas.. I don't have to wait much longer! 
-beth [Vixen2]

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  1. Sounds lovely, I haven't been to Providence, but I can imagine how enjoyable it is to read about a place you know intimately :-)