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Requiem - Jamie Mcguire

Requiem - Jamie Mcguire

It took me forever to review this book, because I went on vacation, and then per usual, the real world took president over my fictional character fixes. What else can I say except AMAZING. Trying to keep this spoiler free, is hard. I'd love to tell you the entire story! But alas, that defeats the purpose of you reading this book. Once again, knowing every where they go, is just such an awesome bonus. However I have not been to the church in Woonsocket, and completely plan on going there with my bestie, and taking pictures!!

In Providence, Rhode Island, Nina finds herself the center of a war between Hell and Earth again. Requiem is the second installment in he Providence trilogy. After everything that happened in Providence, you'd think that things might settle down. Hah, completely wrong. Shax now has a new game he wants to play with Nina, Jared, and the rest of the Ryel siblings.

Requiem picks up right where Providence left off. Any questions you had at the end of Providence. All questions you may have had are definitely answered, and then some. Nina starts her internship at Titan shipping, the company that her father started and she now owns. Juggling her studies at Brown and her new job as CEO is pretty tiring in itself. She starts having nightmares of her father every night. Jared being her protector and newly acquired fiance is trying to do everything in his power to rid Nina of her nightmares.

While Claire is away with Ryan, you are intimately introduced to Bex, the youngest Ryel. While Jared is off trying everything, Bex stays with Nina, and they realize that Nina doesn't have the dreams unless Jared is around. Could he be the reason she's having horrible nightmares?
Jamie Mcguire delivers a page turning sequel. In Providence I couldn't decided who I loved more... Jared or Ryan. I have come to terms that I love them both in equally different ways now. Jared is probably the best lead Male romantic character I've ever read. Ryan, while he struggles to be the lead, he takes second place to none. You discover a whole new love for Ryan in Requiem. I can't say much more without a spoiler, so I really hope you enjoy this as much as I did!!

-beth [Vixen 2]

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